Cognitive/Academic Development


Cognitive/academic development is an important and frequently cited purpose of school around the world.

The El Rancho Charter School mission statement in Orange, CA provides an example of a school emphasizing cognitive/academic development:

It is the mission of El Rancho Charter School to prepare middle school students to meet the challenges of the new millenium by providing an academically enriched program which includes the ability to read, write, listen, calculate, create, and critically think. The staff at El Rancho believes that students learn by active participation in the classroom and through lessons that stimulate critical thinking. In addition, El Rancho will provide continual individual development through a variety of academic experiences, student-centered environments, and community opportunities. Finally, El Rancho will provide technological skills, fine arts and health exploration and multi-cultural awareness.

The following organizations, resources, and articles describe resources or serve to promote the role of students’ cognitive and academic development in school


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