Examples of school mission statements
Here is an example mission statement from the Curtis Senior High School in University Place, Washington.  This example shows a very broad school mission statement incorporating a wide variety of different themes:

Each person affiliated with our school is a valued, needed member of the Curtis Viking community. Every Viking is responsible for promoting positive learning opportunities in a caring, equitable manner.  This environment will enable all to develop fully their academic1,emotional2, social3, and physical4 potential and, thus be empowered to assume responsible citizenship5 in our local6, national, and global7 communities. To this end, we value achievement, respect2 and concern for others2, affiliation and pride, diversity, equity and opportunity, communication, safety8 and order, collaboration, responsibility and accountability, and trust2 as cornerstones of our learning community.

Using our coding rubric, eight different themes were observed for the Curtis High School mission statement:

1cognitive development, 2emotional development, 3social development, 4physical development, 5civic development, 6local community, 7global community, 8safe environment

Here is a second example mission statement from the Pierson Vocational High School in Nogales, Arizona. Note how this mission statement has greater focus on cognitive/academic development as well as a citizenship component:

Pierson Vocational High School’s Philosophy is to inspire all students to develop marketable 21st century skills. These skills include reading, writing, mathematics, computer knowledge, collaboration and the integrity of being a responsible and productive citizen.