Integration into a Global Community

Integration into a Global Community
Integration into the global community is an important and frequently cited purpose of school around the world. The Fridley Middle School mission statement in Fridley, MN provides an example of a school emphasizing the integration into the global community:

As a world class community of learners, Fridley Public Schools aims to develop internationally minded students. We challenge ourselves, our students, and our community to become caring and knowledgeable life-long learners who inquire and take action to create a better world.  Our mission is to guide students in the development of learning skills to help them reach their full potential. To accomplish this mission, we will: Provide a nurturing environment.
 Create high expectations defined by learner outcomes. 
 Develop exemplary programs and continuously improve them. 
Strive to meet students’ needs. 
Respect individual differences.

The following organizations, resources, and articles describe resources or serve to promote the role of students’ cognitive and academic development in school: