Example Mission Statements

“Queens Vocational & Technical HIgh School is committed to preparing our students with the critical thinking, problem solving, and team building skills necessary to meet the demands of a highly technical and ever expanding global economy. Our dual mission is to graduate students who are not only ready for post-secondary education, but who can also readily integrate into our work force as skilled, productive, contributing citizens. Our students are prepared to exceed.”
– Queens Vocational and Technical High School
Queens, New York

“We will collaborate as a school community to provide the best instruction for every student in order to meet and exceed grade level expectations regardless of previous academic performance. It is our purpose and responsibility to educate all students to high levels of academic social, and creative performance while fostering positive growth in social behaviors and attitudes.”
– Carter Academy
Houston, Texas (Magnet School)

Example Key Words

Schools including a social development strand in their mission statements use the following language in describing social development as it falls into the two categories below:

Equip students with skills in social interaction
Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership and service
Develop students with strong interpersonal communication skills
Cultivate the innate leadership and creative impulses within all children
Our students will be able to work with a diverse group of learners
Promote respect for others
Develop students who work cooperatively and communicate respectfully
Develop students with the ability to work with each other in a global context
Prepare our students with team building skills
Promote teamwork

Challenge students to maximize their growth socially
Ours is a place where lifelong friendships are formed
Promote a sense of belonging
Understand the social needs of students

Articles of Interest
Social Development
The social development of students is an important and frequently cited purpose of school around the world.
The following organizations, resources, and articles describe and/or promote the social development of students as an important component of school.
List of Studies/Papers: